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DDL 150W MR16 Halogen Light Bulb

  • DDL 150W 20V MR16 Halogen Lamp

Product Description

Specialty Optical Systems DDL 150 Watt 20 Volt Halogen MR-16 Reflector

Specialty Optical Systems understands the importance of producing a quality halogen light source while keeping the costs down. SOS's DDL lamp is manufactured with very tight tolerances with the best materials available.  These lamps are considered as one of the best DDL's available in the world.

SOS DDL Specifications:

Wattage: 150 Watts

Voltage: 20 Volts
Base Type:

Bulb Shape: MR-16 Reflector
Country of Origin: Japan
Average Life: 500 Hours

Primary Applications:
Microscope, Illuminator, Medical, Industrial, and Dental

Other Known Codes:
Microfilm, Nikon 82931, Volpi 23500-014, Microfilm, Nikon 82931, Volpi 23500-014, Focusline, Microfilm, Nikon 82931, Volpi 23500-014, 0006004, 0006004-BURTON, 031293101464, 031293101464-EIKO, 1000173, 1000173 USHIO, 10146, 13249000, 13249000 BELL HOWELL, Ushio DDL, Sylvania DDL, General Electric DDL, 14501, 14501 PHILIPS, 20-150-23R, 20-150-23R-CANIMPEX, 20V300W/DP-PLUS, 2350-0014, 23500-014, 23500-014-VOLPI, 23500.014, 25093, 3043-2030, 3043-2030 LEITZ, LEICA, 31509-3, 43537, 5132-8, 5132/8, 5132/8 GUERRA, 54660, 54660-NAED, 54660 OSRAM 58875, 58875 BURTON, 58877, 58877 BURTON, 6600-0018-600, 6600-0018-600 BURTON, 6600-0018-600 OHMEDA, 78-8012-3601-5, 78-8012-3601-5 3M, 82931, 82931 NIKON, 848130, 848130 ZEISS, 93630 OSRAM, 99-X428, 99-X428 EFFNER, 99-X428 FAROMED, 99X428, 99X428 EFFNER, DDL, DDL ANSI, DDL EIKO, DDL GE, DDL GUERRA, DDL KONDO, DDL OSRAM, DDL USHIO, DDL WESTINGHOUSE, JCR-20V150W, JCR20V-150W, JCR20V150W, LP-0104, LP-0104 OPTOTEK, LP0104, LP0104 OPTOTEK, SCAN, WWW.SPECIALTYOPTICAL.COM, Y90279 OSRAM, 3M 70899, 800 Microfilm, Agfa-Gevaert Incorporated, SELECT-SCAN, Graphic Arts, American Volpi 23500.014 Microscope, Burton Medical, RH 0006004 Medical, Dolan Jenner Industries, DDL Microscope, Eastman Kodak Company, IMAGE-LINK-DIGITAL, Micro Design11 APERTURE-CARD-READER Microfilm, 2 APERTURE CARD READER Microfilm II, Specialty Optical FU-2852, APERTURE CARD READER Microfilm, Nikon 82931 Medical, Olympus 3000 HIGHLIGHT Cold Light Source, Volpi, Dolan Jenner Model A3200, Fostec Model 8350.2, Fostec Lamp Number 8130, Leica Model LUX1000, Leica Lamp Number V23514, Olympus Model Number Highlight 3000, Olympus Lamp Number V-S010, Volpi Model Number Intralux 5000-1, Volpi Model Number 23500.014, Intralux 6000-1, Surgical Lighting, Halogen CoolSpot, Phototherapy, Bilirubin Blanket, OHMEDA

DDL LIGHT BULB REMOVAL: Locate the manual of the equipment. It is always a good idea to follow the steps within the manual. Some manuals have detailed graphics that show where the light bulb is located and how to replace it. Make sure the equipment has been off for at least 30 minutes. Some of these light bulbs burn extremely hot and can cause severe burns. When removing the light bulb, be very careful when taking it out of the socket. Some sockets are made out of ceramic and can be fragile. You may require a screwdriver to remove the illuminator in order to get to the light bulb.  Compare the removed light bulb with the new bulb. There are so many different types of bulbs and manufacturers of bulbs that even the slightest change may affect the equipment. It is also a good idea to keep the burtn out light bulb for future reference. 

DDL LIGHT BULB INSTALLATION: Never touch the glass of the light bulb especially if you are replacing a mercury short arc, xenon, or halogen bulb. The oil from your skin increases the surface temperature of the bulb causing the light bulb to a have shorter life.  Reverse the procedures when you removed the burnt out light bulb. Some higher end equipment require filament alignment. There should be adjustment screws that change the X and Y axis for proper performance.

DDL LIGHT BULB DISPOSAL: Most bulbs can simply be thrown away but some microscope bulbs require proper disposal. If you are replacing a mercury, xenon, or fluorescent bulb, contact the distributor to ensure proper disposal methods.  DDL light bulbs do not need special disposal. 

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SOS DDL Specifications:

Wattage: 150 Watts
Voltage: 20 Volts
Base Type: GX5.3
Bulb Shape: MR-16 Reflector
Country of Origin: Japan
Average Life: 500 Hours


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