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Your Guide To Choosing The Best Chandelier Light Bulbs

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Interior lighting poses a challenge for many home and business owners, given that there are many different types of interior light bulbs to choose from these days, each with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. And who can blame them? Not many people know the difference between incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs, much less all the different types of LED bulbs on the market today. Yet, the good news is that picking out the best dining chandelier lights, entryway chandelier lights, and chandelier bedroom lights is actually quite simple. So, from all of us at SOS LightBulbs, here is your guide to picking out the best light bulbs for your chandelier!

Turn-Tip Clear Chandelier Candelabra Light Bulbs

Known as one of the highest-quality light bulb manufacturers to date, Satco offers a line of turn-tip clear candelabra lighting that pays tribute to vintage Edison light bulb styles. With a turned-up tip similar to that of retro Christmas lights and a timeless brass base, these incandescent chandelier light bulbs are bright and bring lots of energy to the room. If you have a chandelier in your office building, hotel lobby, or event space and are looking to create an energizing environment, these bulbs make the perfect candelabra lighting.

Turn-Tip Frosted Candelabra Lighting

Satco also offers a collection of turn-tip frosted candelabra light bulbs, which provide a softer light that is easier on the eyes. Characterized by the same turn-tip style and stunning brass base, these frosted bulbs are a great choice for your dining chandelier lights or entryway if you want a bright light that isn’t too harsh. Whether you are looking for daylight candelabra bulbs or ones that take the edge off of normal incandescent bulbs with clear glass, these frosted candelabra lights do the trick. Screw them into your dining room chandelier or use them in your entryway to create an inviting atmosphere.

Torpedo White Chandelier Light Bulbs

Torpedo white candelabra light bulbs offer a slightly softer chandelier lighting option than the previously mentioned types, as the opaque glassware shields the otherwise harsh filament that can give people headaches. This type of candelabra lighting is commonly used in entryways, master suites, and dining rooms, as it evokes a more relaxing environment that is similar to that of warm LED bulbs and soft LED lights. However, these bulbs are still classified as decorative incandescent light bulbs and contain a filament, though it is masked behind the calming white light.

LED Chandelier Lights

Contrary to what many people think, most types of LED chandelier light bulbs give off a bright white light, unlike the warm LED bulbs you may have in other interior light fixtures throughout your home or business. Though they last far longer than incandescent candelabra lighting types, LED chandelier lights are usually not the best option if you prefer softer interior lighting. However, they are one of the best energy-saving bulbs, so if you are looking to lower your energy bills while extending the lifespan of your candelabra lighting, LED chandelier light bulbs might be right for you. Plus, they come in many different styles, so you might be able to find a type that is easier on the eyes.

Shop Our Candelabra Lighting Online At SOS LightBulbs

We hope that this blog post has helped you understand some of the benefits of the best candelabra lighting options we offer, and that it will help you find the right kind of light bulb for your chandelier. And, if you are wondering where to buy light bulbs for your dining room, entryway, or bedroom chandelier, shop our collection of candelabra lighting online! As the leading light bulb distributor, we offer a diverse selection of 25 watt candelabra bulbs, 40 watt candelabra bulbs, 60 watt candelabra light bulbs, and more.