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Types of LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

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LED lights are quickly becoming one of the most popular options in terms of lighting fixtures. The best part about these lights is that they’re great for indoor and outdoor use. If you have a beautiful landscape that you love to show off, these light bulbs are something that you should definitely be looking into.

We’ve talked a lot about the countless benefits of using LED lights when lightening a landscape, but today we are going to touch on a few different light fixtures that you can choose from. Each of them is designed for a specific purpose, so knowing the difference between them all is beneficial. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of LED light fixtures available for landscapes so that you can better select the right fixture for your landscape.


One of the most common types of lighting fixtures that you’ll see in a landscape are the spotlights. These are also known as directional lights and, at times, floodlights. These are an extremely versatile fixture because they have can accommodate different bulb sizes, wattages, and more. Usually, people choose to place spotlights in places where the lights will focus on trees, pieces of art, or other beautiful components that deserve some extra attention.

Path Lights

Walking when it’s dark out is a hazard. While adding lights to any pathways of your landscape will certainly minimize the chances of an injury or fall, path lights are also a beautiful light fixture that you can enjoy simply for their beauty. These light fixtures are often small enough to draw minimal attention, but bright enough to ensure that you can see the walkway in front.


Floodlights are a great way to add some additional security to your landscape because of the amount of light that they offer. We touched earlier how floodlights can, at times, be considered spotlights, but it’s important to note the significant difference. With a spotlight, you are focusing the light on one direct spot or object. A floodlight, however, is going to provide you with more light on a concentrated space.

If you’re not trying to focus on any one part of your landscape, a floodlight might be a better option. These lights are often higher in wattage and have a different shape than standard bulbs. When you’re focused on simply adding extra light to your landscape, a floodlight is the way to go.

Deck Lights

Adding lights to your yard as a whole doesn’t have to be difficult. Incorporating or updating any lighting on your deck is another excellent opportunity to factor in some light features and brighten up the space. Whether you choose to add some lights overhead the center of the deck, alongside any railings or poles, or you decide the walls of your deck are the best place to add them, the deck should not be forgotten.

Though it’s not the primary focus of your landscape, it certainly is an opportunity to add a little bit of light. If you feel like you’re missing something in your backyard, your deck may be the missing piece that needs a little more attention in regards to lighting detail.

Step Lights

Earlier on we touched on how beneficial it can be to add lights to any pathways that you have in your landscape. Step lights are very similar, but instead of focusing on your pathway, they focus directly on any steps that you have. This is a great way to brighten up the steps that need to be taken to move along the pathway or landscape, but it’s also a great way to add some dimension to your landscape.

The way that lights hit a step and create both bright elements and dark shadows are something that only high-quality lighting is capable of adding to your landscape. Step lights are also often small lights but do provide you with some opportunity in regards to the options available.

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