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How To Choose The Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights: Part Two

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Welcome back to our blog series here at SOS Lighbulbs! In the last post, we discussed the first two factors in choosing the perfect outdoor LED lightbulb for your flood light. Those included the location you plan to install your flood light, and how you want your light to function. In this post, we’ll share the two final factors, and they might surprise you with how illuminating they are.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for light bulbs in general, you can shop our list of 4,500 products online! It’s a great way to buy hard-to-find items you won’t get anywhere else—especially at the affordable cost we offer them. Nonetheless, continue reading to learn more!

Two More LED Bulb Factors

Factor #3 - Choose The Perfect Brightness

Yes, bulbs are manufactured to offer different brightness levels. For example, a patio may need no more than a bulb that emits 500 Lumens. Conversely, a car park could need a bulb that emits up to 20,000 Lumens. Below is a general estimate of what certain areas need in Lumens to illuminate them:

  • 1500lm - Driveway 
  • 1600lm - Small garden 
  • 2400lm - Medium garden 
  • 20,000lm - Car park

Remember to note placement, angle, and brightness when choosing the best outdoor LED bulb for your flood light. Whether you choose to illuminate an alley, back patio, driveway, car lot, or otherwise, check to see if the power of the bulb is enough to get the job done. In some cases, you may be able to use a less powerful bulb at a less expensive price point to get the job done, too.

Factor #4 - Check Your Neighbors

As mentioned above, it can be a nuisance to purchase a flood light, pick the best bulb, but then the light shines directly into your bedroom window at night. Consider this for your neighbors, too. You could avoid the light in the window situation for yourself, but what about your friends next door? It’s always neighborly to consider the others in your community, especially if it can disrupt their sleep.

You also want to consider your neighbors, because in some neighborhoods, a light nuisance is something you can be written up for as a citation. Ask yourself if the light will affect your neighbors and how you can achieve your goal without doing just that. It’s better than getting a citation for lighting your neighbor’s yard for them.

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If you’re ready to find the best LED bulb for your flood light, shop LED bulbs online now! Otherwise, give part one of this blog series a read, if you missed it, to learn more. At SOS Lightbulbs, we strive to deliver superior products to our outstanding customers.