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How To Choose The Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights: Part One

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The outdoor space around your home doesn’t need to exist in darkness during nighttime. You can lighten the space up with the perfect outdoor LED flood lights. Whether you want to keep your front driveway, back patio, or side alleyway illuminated part-time or full-time, bulbs from SOS Lightbulbs are a great choice! You can shop online now!

In this post, we’ll be sharing how you can choose the best outdoor LED bulbs for use around your home or business. There is a wide range of bulbs you can choose from, and your specific situation will help determine which bulbs will work the best.

Four Major Flood Light Factors To Consider

Factor #1 - Location, location, location

You may have heard real estate agents spout this advice at the top of their lungs while buying and selling homes. This same advice is relevant to choosing which type of lightbulb you want for your outdoor flood light. A few questions you need answered before choosing which bulb will work best for your situation are as follows:

What area do you want the light to illuminate? How large is the area you want to illuminate? How bright do you want the area illuminated? At what height and angle will your light be mounted? Do you need a professional to install the light for you?

Consider windows, drains, doors, and more that can be obstacles to illuminating a given area. You don’t want to install an outdoor LED flood light that shines alongside your home and into your bedroom window. Conversely, can you find an LED bulb that gets the job done without keeping you awake at night each time it may flick on? You want to examine the area you desire to illuminate, determine how to do that, and then choose the best outdoor LED bulb to do so.

Factor #2 - Outdoor LED Flood Light Function

As technology advances, flood lights have, too. You can find on/off switch lights. You can find motion activated lights. Finally, you can use a dusk/dawn light that turns off and on based on how much natural light is shining on it

You will want to determine how you want your flood light to function before choosing a bulb. A light that’s on all night will need to be a different type of bulb as a motion-sensor light. Essentially, your outdoor LED bulb choice comes down to personal preference. On/off switch lights will use the most energy, as long as they’re on. The dusk/dawn lights will use a moderate amount of energy, since they will be “maintenance free.” However, the most energy efficient type of light is the motion sensor. It only turns on when activated by a passing person or animal. Depending on use, you can choose the bulb appropriate for your needs.

SOS Lightbulbs: Premier LED Outdoor Bulbs

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