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Fun DIY Light Bulb Projects To Try This Summer: Part Two

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Welcome back to our DIY light bulb project blog series at SOS LightBulbs! If you read our last post, you already know how to make a light bulb terrarium for air plants, a light bulb oil lamp, and a mini light bulb vase to decorate your living space with. The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY light bulb projects, so here are a few more ideas to try when you have some free time this summer!

Christmas Ornaments

It’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit, especially if you’re making gifts yourself this year. If you’re looking for cute stocking stuffers or decoration ideas, recycled light bulb ornaments are a great idea! All you need is some craft paint, glitter, googly eyes, or any other craft material to create an adorable little character. Snowmen, Santa Claus, elves, and penguins are a popular choice as the shape of LED filament light bulbs and halogens lend themselves perfectly.

Spice Holders

If you love cooking and are looking for a fun way to keep all your spices organized, recycled light bulbs are the answer! All you have to do is hollow out the light bulbs by puncturing the electrical foot contact and removing the tungsten interior, then wash them out thoroughly. Once the light bulbs are dry, pour your spices inside and cork them shut. To avoid breaking and spilling, mount them on a DIY wooden shelf with little divots to keep the light bulbs in place. Voila! Now you have a spice rack that is both cute and functional.

Speaking of spices, you can also make salt and pepper shakers out of recycled light bulbs! Simply gut them of their electrical foot contact and tungsten interior, fill them with salt and pepper, and top them with a tight-fitting soda cap that you’ve punctured small holes in. To stabilize your new salt and pepper shakers, mount them on a little piece of wood or a flat-bottom wax mold.

Concrete Wall Hook

Of all the crazy light bulb ideas out there, this one takes the cake — and it’s absolutely brilliant. If you love DIY projects and consider yourself crafty, try reusing your old tungsten light bulbs as concrete molds. Simply bust out the light bulb’s electrical foot contact and tungsten filament, fill it with a wet concrete mix, insert a lag bolt, and let it dry. Then comes the fun part: crack the light bulb over a trash can (be sure to wear eye protection), mount the concrete wall hook, and hang up your purse!

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Now that you have some fun DIY light bulb crafts in mind, it’s time to get to work! Visit SOS LightBulbs online to pick out modern or retro light bulbs to experiment with after your appliances have burned them all out!