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Fun DIY Light Bulb Projects To Try This Summer: Part One

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Trying DIY projects from Pinterest is one of the most fun ways to spend your downtime in the summer, whether that be building bookshelves or coffee tables from reclaimed wood, recycling old wine corks into picture frames or coasters, reusing old cans and jars to organize your spices in the kitchen — and the list goes on. Out of all the common household items that can be reused in creative, practical ways, light bulbs are some of the best. Don’t believe us? From the experts at SOS LightBulbs, here are some fun DIY light bulb projects to try this summer!


Air plant terrariums are one of the most common uses for recycled light bulbs, and they look great on any balcony, patio, office space, or room in the house. All you need to create a cute little terrarium for your air plants is an old tungsten light bulb, hemp or twine, and whatever else you want to put inside it (sand, pebbles, seashells, etc.). See-through LED filament light bulbs, vintage Edison LED bulbs, and other retro light bulbs also work fine if you prefer the antique look!

To make a light bulb terrarium, carefully puncture a hole in the bottom of the electrical foot contact, remove the tungsten interior from the light bulb, and insert your air plant and the rest of the contents. Then thread the twine through and secure it inside using a knot, glue, or another kind of adhesive that will keep it in place. Once it’s dry, hang it bulb side down from a hook in the ceiling and enjoy!

Oil Lamp

Another popular DIY project that uses recycled light bulbs is oil lamps. Perfect for keeping bugs away in the summertime, these little oil lamps can be placed on patio tables, countertops by the grill, poolside tables, or any other outdoor living space. Plus, they’re simple and only require a few materials that you can pick up for a few bucks at your local hardware store: lamp oil, a hemp string, and whatever material you wish to mount it on.

Start by puncturing a hole in the electrical foot contact and gutting the light bulb of its tungsten interior as you would with an air plant terrarium. Then stabilize it on a roll of electrical tape or whatever else you have lying around, fill the bulb halfway with the lamp oil, and dip the hemp string inside so it’s fully soaked in oil. To complete the project, pull the string out a bit and slide a washer over the tip, fray the top of the string to keep it in place, mount it on a piece of wood, rock, or a wire holder, and light it up!

Mini Flower Vase

If you like the idea of air plant terrariums, you’ll love making mini vases out of recycled tungsten light bulbs. Plus, you can set light bulb vases anywhere without having to hang them from the ceiling, making them the perfect office desk accessory or centerpiece at your sunroom table. And it’s easy.

All you need to make a light bulb flower vase is the recycled light bulb of your choice, whether that be a see-through LED filament light bulb, a vintage edison LED bulb, or any other kind of retro light bulb that fits your style. Simply puncture the electrical foot contact and remove it with the tungsten interior, bend a copper wire to mount it on, and fill it with water. Insert small wildflowers and you’re all done!

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We hope that this post has inspired you to get creative with DIY light bulb projects this summer and that you will continue to part two of this blog series for more fun recycled light bulb ideas. Until then, visit SOS LightBulbs online to find unique light bulbs to recycle into fun crafts once they burn out!