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Creative Uses For Black Lights: Part Two

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If you read part one of this blog series, you already know some creative uses of fluorescent black lights, from counterfeit sensoring and hand stamping to pet and human waste detection. As it turns out, there are many other creative uses for black lights, so continue reading for more ways to use those black light flood lights, black light spotlights, or black light flashlights you have lying around the house. And if you’re wondering where to buy a black light so you can try out some of these tricks at home, shop our black lights and fluorescent black light fixtures today!

Fraud Detection

This one’s a biggie. Remember when we mentioned that you may have had large bills checked with a black light when you made a purchase at a store or paid the cover charge at a club? Often, the same goes for driver’s licenses and credit cards. Many of them have secret markings that can be revealed via black light to ensure that they are indeed real — a tactic that is commonly used to identify fake IDs and fraudulent credit cards. While you might want to think twice before using your fake ID at a club that uses black light flashlights, the ability to verify the authenticity of photo IDs and credit cards this way really is a good thing. It can save you from having your identity stolen and your money fraudulently used, which is much more important.

Sending Secret Messages

So far, we’ve mostly covered the practical uses of black light lamps and mini black lights, so let’s switch gears and talk about the fun stuff: playing with invisible ink. Lots of people use invisible ink nowadays to write confidential notes to each other or jot down their secrets in a diary so no one will be able to read them unless they have a black light flashlight. If you have a long-distance pen pal or have a friend that you regularly leave notes for, writing in invisible ink is a fun way to add an element of secrecy to your conversations. And, if you’re old-school and still keep a list of passwords jotted down in an old notebook somewhere by your desktop computer, rewriting them in invisible ink is a good way to protect your information from intruders or your kids.

Creating Art

At the end of the day, creating art with invisible ink or black light paint is by far the most creative use of black light, as it offers a whole other medium of self-expression. There are no bounds to what you can do with black light and paint, whether that be body painting, black light photography, or illuminating everyday objects in an original way to create a fun party environment. For example, lots of artists will incorporate black light paint and invisible ink in their paintings, sculptures, and pottery so as to add another level of depth. Others might play with light-mixing techniques and black light body paint to create a one-of-a-kind photo. Or, if you are simply looking to throw a cool glow-in-the-dark party, putting glow stick gel inside balloons and encouraging guests to wear white is a fun way to create a certain ambiance with black light.

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