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Our Light Bulbs Light Your World

When we say we carry a wide variety of light bulbs, we are not kidding! There is almost no aspect of life that our stock of light bulbs does not touch. Here are a few examples of how SOS Light Bulbs brightens everyone’s day.Home and Hearth We help brighten every aspect of your home. If you [...]

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Types of Bulbs We Carry

When you are browsing through our enormous selection of light bulbs, you will surely notice that we carry bulbs for many functions but also many types of specialty bulbs. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common bulbs you’ll find on our site.Fluorescent BulbsFrom our fluorescent selection you will find bulbs of many [...]

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A Handheld Black light Has Many Uses

SOS Light Bulbs carries a staggering assortment of light bulbs and light fixtures. From the highly specialized UXR300BF Ceramic Xenon Endoscopic and Surgical Headlamp, to a multi use black light. In our last blog, we looked at the surgical headlamp and this week we’ll cover the other end of the spectrum by looking at the [...]

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Xeonon Bulbs for the OR

In our last blog, we discussed that the Ushio UXR300BF Endoscopic and Surgical Headlamp that we are introducing to the US market is the best ceramic xenon lamp available.One of the main reasons this lamp outperforms the competition is it’s superior lumen maintenance.This bulb replaces the PE300BFA bulb and is literally the best and brightest [...]

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SOS Light Bulbs Carries Innovative Ushio Bulbs

Ushio has done it again! Ushio has been a global leader in lighting since its establishment in 1967. Industrial lighting has been the niche in which they have excelled for nearly 50 years, and there is no sign of slowdown in innovation. They don't’ just make light bulbs for industry usage, we make now work [...]

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Why Choose LED Bulbs?

Why Choose LED Bulbs?SOS Light Bulbs is the home to a staggering number of types of light bulbs and accessories. We carry LED light bulbs of all types, from LED landscaping lights to floodlighting and everything in between. LED lighting is the way to go for several reasons that we list below.Environment Impact The impact of [...]

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Brighten A Room, Brighten A Smile

Whether you use spot light bulbs, energy saver light bulbs, or just 60 watt bulbs, the way that an environment is lit could be affecting you more than you know. When we think of lighting, we think of ambience. Dim lighting is referred to as mood lighting, rightfully so, because lighting affects the regulation of [...]

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How the Light Bulb Works

We have relied on light since the beginning of time. We went from using candles, oil lamps, and torches as lighting to the amazing invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison in 1878. For our era, light bulbs have always been a necessity. In fact, nowadays we seem to take the light bulb for [...]

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How Light Bulbs Are Made

Essential Differences Between Light Bulb TypesFluorescent and Incandescent bulbs are very similar in many ways, however they differ when it comes down to how the bulb actually functions. Fluorescent bulbs run off of argon gas and mercury. When an electrical current passes through the bulb, the energy creates a bright, radiant light. On the contrary, [...]

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How Light Bulbs Affect Color

When thinking about interior decorating and ambiance there are many things to consider. Furniture, color coordination, accents, and lighting are all key elements that play into the vibrations given off by any room. That is why it is so important to pick the right kind of lighting. The light bulb type that you choose will [...]

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