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Most Impressive Chandeliers in the World

Here at SOS Lightbulbs we understandably, have a slight obsession with lighting and light fixtures. Our supportive families reassure us that it’s nothing unhealthy. But, we can’t get enough of them and their myriad of uses! Today we are looking at chandeliers. Though we don’t sell chandeliers directly, we offer low voltage candelabra bulbs, and are proudly [...]

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​Metal Halide Lights

With all of the different types of lights out there, it’s hard to really know the differences. Lucky for you, you’ve got SOS Lightbulbs on your side. We are lighting experts who are here to answer all of your lighting questions. As established in our last blog, we don’t have any favorite types of lighting. Not [...]

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Lighting Guide - Part One: Light Bulbs 101

Every once in awhile it’s good to take a step back and look at the basics again to cover your bases and refresh your knowledge. For many consumers, these types aren’t new, but are mysteries in a way. In part one of the Light Bulbs 101 Guide, SOSLightBulbs strives to help spread the beginning knowledge [...]

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Flattering Lighting for Your Home

Isn’t it crazy how in every scene of a movie the actors just look great, but when you're going through pictures from home events you often look less than movie-ready? Believe us, actors aren’t necessarily more attractive, they often times are just gussied up and filmed from the right angle. Makeup makes one part of [...]

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A Winter Guide to Indoor Grow Lights!

Unless you live closer to the equator than we do, winter is the least favorite season for the botanically inclined. Yes, the cold season can be a break from the hobby, but some of us don’t want a break. That is where small green houses and indoor growing set ups come in. Technology now allows [...]

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​Why the Right Aquarium Lights Matter

Here at SOS light bulbs, we know that the right aquarium lights can make all the difference! Aquarium lights aren’t just to let you see all your fishy friends moving around, they are also there to provide key health and wellness to the fish and their in-tank ecosystem. If you have plants, corals, or sea [...]

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Let's Make an LED Lightsaber

Here at SOS Light Bulbs, we figured that since we’ve blogged so much about the ordinary uses of our light bulbs and our LED products, we’d start to talk about a few of the less ordinary uses of lights. This less ordinary use is for the many Star Wars fans who have always dreamed of having [...]

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Light Bulbs for Specialized Industries

LED light bulbs are quickly becoming the go-to lighting solution for homeowners and businesses alike. When you switch to LED lights you save energy, positively impact the environment, and save yourself money by utilizing better, longer lasting bulbs.In our last blog we looked, at some of our specialty light bulbs and why LED lights are [...]

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Specialty LED Light Bulbs

In our last blog, we looked at some of the benefits of LED light bulbs. And as we mentioned, LED light bulbs are becoming the go-to option for bright, energy-efficient lighting. However, these bulbs are not just becoming the main light source for homes, they are also becoming the main type of bulbs of specialty [...]

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The Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs started a revolution in lighting, and the movement toward bright, flexible, energy efficient lighting continues. SOS Light Bulbs is proud to be at the forefront of this shift. It’s been a while since we examined the many benefits that LED light bulbs offer to both residential and commercial customers, so we’ll review [...]

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