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Four Basic Portrait Lighting Styles for Beginners

Here at SOS Lightbulbs, we know that you love lights as much as we do. Or, at least we hope that you do. When we are looking at any lighting products, from antique candelabra bulbs to powerful 4W LED bulbs, or any other bulb type, we think of all the possibilities they have for industrial, residential, or even [...]

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Three LEDs that Never Fail

Here at SOS Lightbulbs we carry light bulbs for any condition and job. Whether that is low voltage candelabra bulbs for antique houses, metal halide 400w 20k radium bulbs for aquarium enthusiasts, or a 4w LED bulbs for those looking for serious illumination, we have it. In this blog post, we want to give a shout [...]

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Uses of a 750 Watt Halogen Lamp

Here at SOS Lightbulbs, many of our lights have specific tasks. For instance, our metal halide 400w 20k radium bulbs are perfect for aquarium lovers. Others are relatively generic, like our 4w LED bulbs, or for show like our low voltage candelabra bulbs. A few are just pure AWESOME. This blog is dedicated to our 750w [...]

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Reasons LEDs Are Amazing

Here at SOS Lightbulbs, we love lighting. We love it a LOT. Sometimes when we hang out after work and talk about lightbulbs, the contentious question of what type of lighting is your favorite comes up. This is, of course, a trick question. Do you have a favorite child? (Do not answer this) Well, we don’t. [...]

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​Guide to Fine Lighting

Much like the artisanal categories of wine tasting that a sommelier uses to sample and enjoy a fine wine, lighting enthusiasts like us at  SOS Lightbulbs, also have a set of categories in which to categorize and rank lights. In order to make sure that you are getting only the finest and best lights, it’s important [...]

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​Shout Out to Awesome Lights

Here at SOS Lightbulbs, we have hundreds and hundreds of different types of lights. We love it. Among our products, it is genuinely impossible to choose a favorite, I mean, how could we. We carry some of the best brands around—Sylvania, Osram, General Electric, SOS (of course), and Ushio light bulbs. Plus, these are are the [...]

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Most Impressive Chandeliers in the World

Here at SOS Lightbulbs we understandably, have a slight obsession with lighting and light fixtures. Our supportive families reassure us that it’s nothing unhealthy. But, we can’t get enough of them and their myriad of uses! Today we are looking at chandeliers. Though we don’t sell chandeliers directly, we offer low voltage candelabra bulbs, and are proudly [...]

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​Metal Halide Lights

With all of the different types of lights out there, it’s hard to really know the differences. Lucky for you, you’ve got SOS Lightbulbs on your side. We are lighting experts who are here to answer all of your lighting questions. As established in our last blog, we don’t have any favorite types of lighting. Not [...]

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Lighting Guide - Part One: Light Bulbs 101

Every once in awhile it’s good to take a step back and look at the basics again to cover your bases and refresh your knowledge. For many consumers, these types aren’t new, but are mysteries in a way. In part one of the Light Bulbs 101 Guide, SOSLightBulbs strives to help spread the beginning knowledge [...]

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Flattering Lighting for Your Home

Isn’t it crazy how in every scene of a movie the actors just look great, but when you're going through pictures from home events you often look less than movie-ready? Believe us, actors aren’t necessarily more attractive, they often times are just gussied up and filmed from the right angle. Makeup makes one part of [...]

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