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Specialty LED Light Bulbs

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In our last blog, we looked at some of the benefits of LED light bulbs. And as we mentioned, LED light bulbs are becoming the go-to option for bright, energy-efficient lighting. However, these bulbs are not just becoming the main light source for homes, they are also becoming the main type of bulbs of specialty applications. In today’s blog, we are going to take a closer look at some of the specialty applications of LED lights.

Miniature Lighting

At SOS Light Bulbs, we have an array of miniature LED bulbs that are perfect for mission critical applications. Many of our durable bulbs are shock-resistant, thermal-tolerant, and have a long life and maximum efficiency, which makes them ideal for industrial light fixtures. Our miniature lamps are especially perfect for power plant displays, elevator controls, and other industrial equipment. Additional applications include silicon base, flange base, wedge base, and candelabra fixtures.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor bulbs have higher standards than indoor commercial or residential bulbs. They must be built to withstand intense rain, snow, sunlight, and all of the other relentless natural elements. Our vast collection of landscape LED replacement bulbs exceed these needs. They are waterproof, shatterproof, and produce minimal heat.

PAR Reflector Lighting

PAR lamps are bright, durable, and can have many specialty applications, such as track lighting, wall washer, and recessed downlights. Because of their longevity and mix of comfort and safety, they are perfect for art galleries, museums, offices, restaurants, schools, and retail stores. Additionally, these LED bulbs are RoHS compliant and boast an impressive design life.

Post-Top LED Lighting

Gone are the days when streets and parks were lit up by gas lamps hanging from posts. Now LED lights are the perfect lighting choice for streetscapes, apartment complexes, campuses, parks, and bike paths. The LitespanLED 45W, for example, is the only LED replacement lamp with an independent heatsink, which creates for unrivaled thermal control. It also maintains 90% of its initial light output for over 60,000 hours, making it a highly efficient and sustainable option.

Rough Service Lighting

This type of specialty lighting is perfect for even the harshest conditions, including construction sites, amusement parks, boiler rooms, auto repair shops, and industrial sites. The eLumigen lamp, for example, is shatterproof, thermal-controlled, and highly efficient. These lamps are able to withstand levels of vibration exceeding 20G forces and are designed to eliminate any visible light flickers.

When you need to replace a light, be sure to check out our wide selection of specialty LED bulbs. 

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