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The Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

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LED light bulbs started a revolution in lighting, and the movement toward bright, flexible, energy efficient lighting continues. SOS Light Bulbs is proud to be at the forefront of this shift. It’s been a while since we examined the many benefits that LED light bulbs offer to both residential and commercial customers, so we’ll review those this week. When you need LED light bulbs, replacement bulbs for specialty items, or LED fixtures, be sure to turn to SOS Light Bulbs for the widest choice and the best price.

Energy Savings

One of the most noteworthy benefits of LED light bulbs is that they save money—in this case, money that you spend on utility bills. For people who grew up with incandescent bulbs, 60-watt bulbs are the yardstick that can be used to understand how much more efficient LED bulbs are. Compared to a 60-watt bulb, an LED bulb that produces the same amount of light uses just 9 watts. The LED bulb delivers an 89% savings. When this savings level is extrapolated out to account for entire homes, businesses, cities, or counties, the savings can be immense.

The Environmental Impact of LED Bulbs

The savings on utility costs translates directly to impacts on the environment. When less energy is demanded of the electricity grid, less needs to be generated. Much of the global energy is still generated through the burning of carbon-based fuels, and so it follows when less is burned, the environment has less pollution and greenhouse gases added to it. When this happens, we all benefit. Additionally, LED bulbs contain no mercury, but compact fluorescent bulbs do, and so the LED bulbs can be safely disposed of. In facts, LED bulbs are completely recyclable.

Quality Light

In the early days of LED lighting, the only light that was emitted was glaringly bright and had poor color quality. LED lighting has come a long way since those days. LED bulbs are now available in a variety of colors and warmths. It is easy to create LED lighting that is blue, red, green, or orange and these colors are perfect for entertaining displays and holiday lighting. Different warmths are also available. In practical terms, this means that you can have a brighter, bluer tone of light for display and work areas. This tone is used in these areas because bluer light stimulates the brain and helps people contrate. Warmer tones have more yellow in them and are also available in LED light bulbs. These yellow tones help people calm down and feel relaxed. These tones are perfect for homes and waiting rooms.

Directional Lighting

Another quality that LED light bulbs have is directionality. This means that when the light bulb is pointed in a particular direction, that’s where the light goes. The light does not leak out in other directions. Of course, you can buy light bulbs that are designed to give 360 lighting, but if you want the light to illuminate just the area below the bulb, for instance, this is manageable. A good example of this is an art gallery that wants to highlight works of art but also wants to keep the ambient light subtle.

Cool Lighting

Another advantage of LED light bulbs is that they don’t waste energy in heat production. If you’ve ever put your hand near an incandescent, or more so, a halogen light bulb, you have experienced first-hand how much energy is wasted to heat generation. The cool technology of LED eliminates this waste. This means lower utility bills because you’ll use less air conditioning to counteract the heat generation. This makes LED fixtures well suited for high bay locations in warehouses that don’t want to spend money on cooling to counter heat produced by lighting. A great example of this type of LED high bay fixture is the MaxLite BLHP200UD2113M50W 200W BayMAX LED Pendant High Bay (White). LED light bulbs are perfect for use in any area where you don’t want extra heat, from a household kitchen to an office.

LEDs Produce No UV Light

One great advantage of LED light bulbs is that they don’t produce UV light. This can be contrasted to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) that do create this light. The advantage of not creating this light is that you don’t want more UV exposure than necessary in life. The sun gives off UV light, and it is wise to limit your exposure to it. Additionally, light-sensitive items, like fabrics and art work, lose color intensity when exposed to UV light. It’s easy to save UV sensitive items from fading by using LED light bulbs. If you are looking for a small LED bulb for a UV sensitive location, consider the Osram Sylvania 6W PAR16 3000k 36-Degree LED Flood (79114).

LED Light Bulbs Last and Last

LEDs have an incredibly long lifetime. If you use an average LED for eight hours a day, it could be up to 20 years before you have to replace it. Yes, LED bulbs cost more initially, but they more than make up for the cost with energy savings and their longevity. And compared to their costs just a few years ago, LED bulbs are incredibly affordable given all the benefits they deliver. LED bulbs are also more durable than other light bulbs and are not made of glass. They are impact-resistant, so they are practical for use in places where they get might jostled, such as high bay lights in gymnasiums and outdoor areas. LED Light bulbs also have a high tolerance for extreme temperatures. These qualities make them the perfect choice for landscaping. A great example of this is the LED-5WPAR36 Waterproof Screw Terminal PAR36 Flood Lamp. This flood light can be used to illuminate holiday displays, to add security lighting in the garden, or to spotlight a gorgeous tree in your garden.

When you need LED light bulbs, replacement bulbs for specialty items, or LED light fixtures, be sure to shop SOS Light Bulb’s wide selection. 

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