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Outdoor Lighting at Home, Work, and Play


SOS Light Bulbs has outdoor lighting to make your life easier while making everything easier to see! We carry specialty light bulbs for just about every purpose you can imagine, from tiny elevator illumination light bulbs to the large scale outdoor LED lights we’ll cover this week, we carry all the lightbulbs you could need or want! We will focus on outdoor lighting this week. With spring right around the corner, we are all waiting until we can get out and enjoy the great weather that is to come. Whether your pastime is gardening or baseball, we have outdoor lighting to fit your needs.

At Home

Your garden and home can use good lighting. For small scale lighting, the Satco 93-5058 LED Plastic Flood Lite with Stake for Outdoors is a great choice. This floodlight is perfect for either temporary use, for a party or a display, or for permanent use. It comes with a six-foot cord and is for LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs use very little energy and produce no heat. This means that they will have little impact on your electricity bill and they can be used in your garden without burning your foliage. It is adjustable up to 180 degrees and produces 200 lumens of light.

If you are starting your garden inside this year, you can shop for your horticultural light bulbs at SOS Light bulbs. We carry fluorescent, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium bulbs. When you know what type of bulb your plants need, shop for them at SOS Light Bulbs.

At Work

What type of bulb you need for your work, depends, of course, on the type of work you do. If you need fluorescent bulbs for an office, we’ve got them. If you need softer, LED lights to light up a waiting room, we’ve got them. If you are a medical professional and need a specialized bulbs, such as a 10S6/10DC 10W Microscope Light Bulb, we’ve got it! We even have specialized bulbs for endoscopic and surgical headlamps.

If you are in charge of outdoor lighting at work we have bulbs for you too! One of our favorites is the MaxLite MLSEC14LED50 14W LED Security Light Fixture. Yes, we have favorites. This one light fixture is a great choice for outdoor security. With an LED bulb that will last up to 50,000 hours, a light sensor, and a vandal-resistant, heavy duty cast-iron casing, it will serve you well for years without having to change the bulb. LED bulbs don’t attract bugs so they can be used right next to doorways without fear of bugs getting inside.

At Play

Regardless of what your play is, we have a bulb for it. Are you a fan of stopping by the driving range or batting cage after work? Look up at the lights next time. You might just see a MaxLite ELLF405UN50 405W High Output Narrow Flood Fixture. These super high output fixtures are ideal for ranges and sports complexes. You get the light to keep playing as the sun sets, without the huge electricity bill. Or perhaps you prefer to go home and enjoy the serenity of your aquarium. If you are a fish fanatic, you’ll know that the light bulbs we carry for aquariums can’t be beat for quality or price. Take the ATI LED Powermodule T5 36” Fixture for example. This is a top-of-the-line aquarium lighting fixture.

No matter your lighting needs, SOS Light Bulbs is here for your, carrying a choice and quality of light bulb you can’t find elsewhere.

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